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Cafès Illes Balears is a coffee factory in Mallorca established in 1957 From day one, we have roasted our coffees in our facilities, where we conduct continuous product quality assessments through rigorous processes.

Cafès Illes Balears is the oldest artisan coffee company in Mallorca, with an Empresa artesana del café authorization letter number 260 granted by the Consell de Cultura i Patrimoni in 2014.

The coffee factory of Cafès Illes Balears is located in Son Ferriol (C/ Andreu Bibiloni, 14), and, from the factory, the coffee is distributed daily so that our customers can taste it in their homes or sell it through their businesses.

You are welcome to our roastery store to taste our coffees and buy artisanal coffee beans or ground coffee.

In short, if you need a coffee distributor in Mallorca, contact Cafès Illes Balears and request a free quote. We offer customized service for any type of coffee you need (beans, ground, roasted, blend, etc.).

Our Coffees

The treatment we use, together with the attention we dedicate it, is the basis for achieving the different balanced and perfectly flavoured blends that we present here.

Artisanal Coffee

Cafès Illes Balears coffee differs from the rest of the coffees you can find on the island both in terms of its preparation and its intense flavour and aroma.


Our coffee has been roasted in our facilities, located in Palma de Mallorca, following a rigorous quality assurance process. In fact, because of our elaborate way of roasting coffee, we make only 30 kg of coffee per roast.

Flavour and Aroma

The flavour and aroma of our coffee is closely related to its ability to preserve these properties.

Additionally, the coffee rotation system we use allows us to offer our customers a fresh and intense coffee that, being freshly brewed, retains all its properties In this line, it is important to note that all our bags are equipped with a one-way valve, which allows the optimal preservation of the coffee.
For all this, we can say that Cafès Illes Balears offers the best coffee in Mallorca, both coffee beans and ground coffee.

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