Coffee Blend


Extra Intense Coffee, Extra Caffeine
Blend: 40% Robusta / 40% Arabica / 20% Roasted
Bag: 250 g


Coffee Blend

Roasted coffee is made by adding sugar at the end of the roasting process, which causes the coffee to caramelise.
This blend achieves a very dark, strong, bitter coffee with a lot of caffeine and aromatic notes of caramel and liquorice.
Blend: 40% Robusta / 40% Arabica / 20% Roasted

We make our coffee by hand, from roasting to blending, packet by packet.
That is why we can say that we are the only artisan coffee company in the Balearic Islands.

To prevent our artisan coffees from losing their quality, after roasting them, we pack them in bags equipped with a one-way valve and zip closure to preserve the product’s flavour and aroma. All our artisan coffees are suitable for all types of coffee makers.

Our coffee has been roasted in our facilities, located in Palma de Mallorca, following a rigorous quality assurance process. In fact, because of our elaborate way of roasting coffee, we make only 30 kg of coffee per roast.

Intense flavour and aroma
The flavour and aroma of our coffee is closely related to its ability to preserve these properties. Additionally, the coffee rotation system we use allows us to offer our customers a fresh and intense coffee that, being freshly brewed, retains all its properties

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